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UPDATED May 12, 2022

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May 12, 2022. Knew this was coming, but so very sad it did.... this man has been probably the single most influential teacher in my whole life - even though I don't play flute, being a teacher myself I always loved getting to watch him teach each and every time I could! Plus the fact that he truly was a spectacular flutist of course. Here's a link to an official obituary - there's probably going to be more notices too as he's certainly worthy of celebration! Will add more here too, soon.

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May 1, 2022. ... yup, it's May now - and it's still perhaps as true as ever: may there be many new experiences of bits-of-beauty around you, no matter where you happen to live! May you continue to discover moments and pieces of beauty within your realm that feed your soul, and instill even just a bit of joy, no matter what else is going on! Yes, it's also still true that the challenges continue for us all, on so many levels, and with varying degrees of visibility to ourselves and others too... which makes the moments of beauty and joy all the more precious and vital as well... And here's to all the wonderful connections between us - and you can sure count this message as one of 'em! (Thank you for reading this! And for sure, am sending you a virtual hug with it too!)

We're so grateful to get to connect with you in whatever format that works! Because no matter what - it really is still very true: we really are all in this together! It is both an honor and a pleasure to get to continue to be of service here to all y'all! Also too - remember always no matter what, you are NOT alone! The adventure sure continues!

Thanks so much for everything - all best wishes, totally and sincerely! More later - Jan

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AND IN THE MEAN TIME - please - help us find anybody who might like to snag this one last book which is still available via Little Wizard Enterprises! Here's which one it is:

  • Rudall, Rose & Carte: The Art of the Flute in Britain - by Robert Bigio - 1 copy still currently available - SPECIAL OFFER: such a deal at $100, plus $18 for shipping/insurance.
    Cover photo of RR&C goes here
    Lots more information about this one is still here - at Little Wizard's Inventory.




    November 1, 2021- It's a great honor and pleasure to get to share an article by Karen Weeks about ideas and resources for musicians to put to work, which can greatly aid the "being a musician" in the first place - and potentially also provide actual support too - despite all the challenges we're continuing to contend with in our collective "pandemic" these days (as it is still going on, even still...) -- you can find it here: (Also, by the way, very delighted to recommend Karen's own website - - some wonderful offerings are there too, to support seniors in the challenges we all contend with as well, in our Minds, Bodies, and Spirit!)

    **AND A SECOND UPDATE** November 16, 2021: ..... AND WHAT AN HONOR IT IS to get to share a second wonderful article by Karen Weeks, of particular interest to musicians contending with the ongoing challenges of making money these days! Karen has included quite a few links in there too which are actually real gems of information and ideas as well --- here's where you can find this one: 5 More Ways Musicians Can Increase Their Earnings While Waiting To Go Back On Tour -- Thank You Karen!!!


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    So yup - the adventure sure continues! (And if anybody cares to share any thoughts or ideas - please absolutely know we'd love to hear from you about them! Email me at!)

    Again - most sincerely - thanks for your interest and support! Here's to all that comes next for us all - and yup, it's totally still true: we're all in this together!
    And absolutely - wishing you, and all of us, all the best! Many thanks - more later -- Jan


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