Instructions for Placing Ads
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Last updated: June 4, 2011

NOTE: AT PRESENT, THE PRINT EDITION OF FLUTE NETWORK CONTINUES TO BE ON PLANNED HIATUS - HOWEVER we're still happy to be of any help we can! Currently we are accepting selected ads and listings for inclusion in the online version of The Flute Network without charge. The information that follows - especially the requirements for the contents of line listings for instruments for sale, etc. does remain in effect so we are leaving this page pretty much intact. If you'd like us to include something for you, please follow these instructions for content and send us an email with all the details -- I'll be happy to see what we can do for you. Many thanks for your understanding - and we'll find out what the future holds for us all, together!
In the meantime, here's all you need to know:

Mailing address:

The Flute Network
2004 Conestoga Lane
West Linn, OR 97068

Contact: Jan Spell Pritchard
Phone: 503-305-6819

CONTENTS of this section:

CLOSING DATES for all ads

     Given that our current status is online-only, and that we're not currently dealing with press dates, there are no "closing dates" involved now. Updates, additions, deletions, and changes can happen at any time! Standing by to help with whatever you're wanting to get word out about!


General Instructions, Classified Ads

     Classified ads are for pre-owned instruments only. Type or neatly print your ad or notice on the form provided in each print issue, or reconstruct the form on a plain sheet of paper. (The "form" is essentially four lines of forty spaces each; as if you were using an old fashioned typewriter, set the lines at 40 spaces long. Each letter, punctuation mark, or space between words, etc. goes in its own "space", etc.)

      In order to insure accuracy, all illegible ads will be returned. Be sure that all required information is included (see below). Only one instrument (or instrument wanted) per ad. If more than one instrument is submitted, use a separate piece of paper for each ad, making sure your name and address or phone number is complete on each one.

Notices of Masterclasses, Concerts, Performances and Tours, Flute Club and Choir Events, Out of Print Music and Books Wanted, and Directory of Services may run as line listings. Rates for these kinds of ads are assessed per 40 space line, and there is no limit to the number of lines that you may use. These kinds of listings may also run as Display Ads (see the section on Display Ads below for more information on this option). Again, due to our short turn around time, no proofs will be available prior to publication. Be sure that notices are complete and accurate when they reach our office.

Specific Requirements, Classified Ads

     When listing instruments for sale, the following information should be supplied; be as complete as possible. When an instrument is a combination of makes (for instance, if the headjoint is of a different make than the body of the flute), be sure to indicate the maker's names and the serial numbers of both parts.

NOTICE: No ad will be run without the Required information. If shipping and insurance information is not specified when an ad is received at this office, it will be assumed that the seller wishes to split these costs with the buyer and "SPLSH" will be inserted into the ad. If this causes another line to be necessary, a bill for the additional $3.00 will be sent. Remember too that dishonest or inaccurate descriptions of your instrument will cause you and the Flute Network needless correspondence.

Rates for Classified ads

Instruments for sale or Instruments Wanted: Ads that fully fit in the form of four lines of 40 spaces each are $19.75 for the first month run, and $18.75 per each consecutive issue IF there are no changes in the ad. This fee includes the listing in that issue's posting on the FluteNet Web Site, if desired (FluteNet posting can be declined at the time the ad is placed). Ads that run longer than the allotted space are surcharged $3.00 per line or partial line (up to 40 spaces per line). Be sure to include the spaces between words and all punctuation when counting spaces.

As a service, ads for Stolen Instruments are run free of charge for the first month, and are also posted in the Flute Net Web Site Register of Stolen Instruments. Thereafter, the regular classified ad rates will apply for subsequent listings in consecutive issues of the printed and mailed edition of the Flute Network ($18.75 if there are no changes in the ad).

Masterclasses, Concerts, Performances and Tours, Flute Club and Choir Events, and Out-of-Print Music and Books Wanted, when run as display ads will run at display ad rates and are subject to those restrictions. When run as line listings, a rate of $9.50 per 40 space line (or part thereof) will apply.

Newly Released Publications, Newly Released Recordings, and Directory of Services listings, when run as line listings, run at a rate of $10.50 per 40 space line (or part thereof). These ads may also run as display ads, with those rates and restrictions applying.

DISPLAY ADS - General Information

     New merchandise and Company ads may appear in display ads only; however - anyone may elect to list their items or notices in the form of a display ad at display ad rates should they choose to do so (there have been many times this approach has proven to be very effective!) All Display Ads must be "camera ready" and to size (i.e., stats, or very sharp black and white copy) when received by our office. All photographs must be prescreened and ready to be set in our layout -- however, for the best results, especially for subtle images, you may wish to send a sized PDF for your ad - we are finding this works very well! Remember, your ad will only look as good as the copy supplied. Please feel free to call (or otherwise contact us) if we can help with particular questions or needs.

Rates for Display Ads

Revised Rates - as of May 9, 2008.

Display ads are priced by production costs, but we are able to offer a small discount to those advertising with the same size ad for three (3) or more consecutive issues. The content of ads for each of these three or more issues may vary as long as the size of the ad is consistent. Please note that all display ads must have some sort of border or "box" and that the measurements given below reflect the size of that "box". If your preferred ad size is not listed here, feel free to call for a custom quote. Ad rates are given in U.S. dollars.

Ads are to be prepaid, unless other arrangements have been made prior to publication. Ads not accompanied by payment will be subject to a $2.50 billing fee if less than $200. Payments not received within 30 days of billing will be subject to a 1.9% per month finance charge on balances due. Prices are subject to change without notice; all ads invoiced will be invoiced at the current rate for that/those issues.

SPECIFICS - clean sharp copy is required; and we can also now work with PDF files! (Please be sure they are to size and geared to 300 dpi - it also helps to alert me that something is coming!) Full color is available as well - please call for current prices and other requirements.

Ad size (height by width) Per Month/issue Per Month/issue for 3 or more consecutive issues
2" x 2 1/8" $115 $107
2" x 3 1/8" $163 $151
2" x 3 1/2" $177 $167
4" x 2 1/8" $207 $197
5" x 2 1/8" $250 $240
4" x 3 1/8" $297 $284
5" x 3 1/8" ** (1/4 page) $320 $308
4" x 4 1/2" $349 $339
5" x 7 1/2" ** (1/2 page) $465 $444
10" x 7 1/2" (full page) $814 $788 (three within 1 vol.)
2 full pages (or could be b/b as a "clip and save"; or as a center-spread) $1,098 $1,040 (three within 1 vol.)
4 full pages (e.g., a "pull and save" insert - see note below!***) $1,498 $1,390 (two within 1 vol.)

** Ads measuring over 5" wide, regardless of height, are subject to a 15% surcharge in rate because they compromise the ad space available next to them on the page. If that shape is best for your needs, however, they will still be welcome.

*** We are truly delighted about an exceptional opportunity our new printer is making available through The Flute Network! When run as part of an issue which goes to all Flute Network subscribers (and thus, also postage-paid) -- additional copies of your insert piece can be done at the same time as well, then sent to you for your own use! An "Over Run" of your insert, done at the same time - sample rates: 250 copies -- add $60. 1,000 copies -- add $85. Call for an exact quote on precisely what you need.


     All advertising is subject to the Publisher's approval and acceptance without recourse. We are not responsible for mistakes, misprints, or typographical errors in supplied ads and will not issue credits of any kind for such errors. Advertisers and their agencies assume responsibility for the condition of the contents of advertising printed, and agree to indemnify the Publisher of The Flute Network for any and all claims and expenses arising therefrom. The opinion expressed in the articles and ads are those of the writer and not necessarily those of the Flute Network or its publishers.

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