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The Flute Network Greetings, February 2009 issue


Happy Valentines Day!


You know – there’s always at least a little bit of love in each and every moment

that brings joy to our hearts! Many of these kinds of moments materialize out of “thin air” – and happen whether we’re fully aware of them or not…

May you discover just how full your life already is of such moments – and

may you truly enjoy each and every one of them

(on Valentines Day and always)!

And always remember – no matter what, we really are all in this together!

All best wishes, always – Jan and Jerry


NOW ON A RELATED MATTER -- if you've been accessing Flute Network issues exclusively online, well we're delighted to have you visit! BUT DID YOU KNOW you're missing out on some special things that can ONLY be shared in our hard copies?! This September/October 2008 issue included a very special offering from Mr. Walifred Kujala, specifically a page and a half of warm up exercises that rated rave reviews in our FN-Recommends - and the April 2008 issue included another wonderful offering (a teaching duet) from Howard Vance, just by way of example... and there's lots more planned to come, SO -- if you're not already on our free bulk mailing list and would like to be - just let us know!!

The following is from our Greetings section of an earlier issue... that message still applies:

There's a really cute graphic that goes here too; all rights reserved. There's a really cute graphic that goes here too; all rights reserved. There's a really cute graphic that goes here too; all rights reserved.

Yes - FLUTE NETWORK is DESIGNED to be shared – posted - and passed around but…um… DID YOU KNOW…? … if you’re not currently getting your own copy of The Flute Network - and would like to – we’d be delighted to add you to our free bulk mailing list! ( … you DID know that subscriptions are free, right ?! ... ) Looking ahead - we are thrilled to get to share some pretty special offerings with you in the next several issues (for example, check out page 5 of this very issue, and that’s just for starters!) … For many reasons, though, these kinds of things can ONLY appear in our print editions. .. SO - if you’d like to be receiving your very own copy – or know someone who would - just let us know! Here’s how to do that: all we need is (1) to know that you’d like to be added, and (2) a name and address for which we can generate a bar code that the USPS recognizes as valid – that’s it! As always – snail mail and phone requests are welcome… and all of the following email addresses are still active as well: -- --

(You can rest assured – we are zealous about protecting your privacy – no part of our address list is ever sold or shared.)

Remember – no matter what, we really are all in this together! All best wishes, Jan
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