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Updated: March 7, 2018

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PLEASE - BE AWARE - and continue to be cautious when online ...because they're at it again.

We've learned that there appears to be yet another rash of *spam/spoof emails* widely appearing in people's inboxes in recent weeks, all across the country emails which have every APPEARANCE of having been sent directly to YOU from someone at any number of reputable, well established, and well known flute-related companies BUT INSTEAD they are actually spoofs and pure spam, some asking or directing you to look at what turn out to be very dangerous attachments, -- and all of this is. simply put: "mischief that's hiding itself in flute-clothing"!

We've received some of them ourselves as well -- even had emails which claim to originate from "" (which absolutely cannot be the genuine article because, quite simply - it's not logistically possible for us to send anybody an email from ""!) But we're only one of an apparently increasing number of otherwise respectable flute-related names who have been spoofed in emails in recent weeks and odds are, if you have an email inbox, you've gotten a few of these as well

SO THOUGHT A REMINDER ABOUT IT MIGHT BE WORTHWHILE: Do NOT automatically assume that the listed "sender" of an email is indeed the actual author and "sender" of *any* particular email -- that goes for your own relatives and friends as well as "flute -related companies"!

If there's any doubt -- any doubt at all -- check it out! Ask about it. Let the "sender" know what you received - "in their name" - and ask if it was indeed something they actually did send out... you'll be doing both them and yourself a favor - and defeat the intent of the spammers!


LANDELL Headjoint, No. 684, Titanium, bought 1 year ago directly through my good friend and former teacher, Jon Landell. Awesome dynamic ranges, very articulate and powerful- the " Jaguar" of headjoints! FN-M. $4000.; SPLSH. Anne Janson, 802-355-3637, (Ferrisburgh, Vt 05456) or email:

DAVID WILLIAMS Sterling Silver flute headjoint, No. 1085, .016 gauge wall (medium wall) with a 22 karat platinum enhanced riser (22K PER) and 14 karat rose gold lip plate. Includes Valentino headjoint deluxe case-single. Non-smoking original owner. Email for photo or more info. FN-EX; $ 2,250.00.; SPSI -- Offer good only in Continental U.S.A.. Dan, 410-551-3835, or email to

MURAMATSU, #73914. Solid silver, Purchased new in 2012, FN-EX. $800. SPLSH. Emma 415-312-1718 or email:

POWELL, No serial number. Solid silver head joint with GOLD lip plate and riser. Traditional cut from early 1980's. FN-EX. $1,200. SPLSH. Emma 415-312-1718 or or email:

WILLIAMS, #822, silver headjoint with 18K rose gold lip plate and platinum riser. Amazing responsiveness and sound, FN-EX. $3000.; SPLSH. Naomi (203) 387-8920.

BURKART, No. 1497, 998 silver M2 cut, Super fast response, smooth intervals, clear, open high register, rich middle and low registers, precise articulation, FN-EX. $1,895. or BO; SPSH. Shanna, 847-903-4086, or email:

BRANNEN head joint, No.00293, 14k gold with gold lip plate and silver crown with cubic zirconia. Stunning looking and sounding. Sized to fit 0.016 silver flute. Made by Elizabeth Watson. FM-EX. $5,500.; SPLSH. Linda Rei 508-478-3509 or email

BURKART, No. 1091, silver, FN-EX. $1,500 or BO; SPLSH. Trish, 518-423-7222.

ALBERT COOPER, No. 693, 14k gold, FN-EX. $6,200; SPLSH. Jeff, 1-800-822-2157.

DRELINGER, No. 2396, 9k gold with platinum air-reed, FN-EX. $4,900; SPLSH. Linda, 1-800-822-2157.

DRELINGER, No. 1043, silver with gold air-reed, FN-EX. $1,100; SPLSH. Jeff, 1-800-822-2157.

BURKART, No. 1947, 14k riser, FN-EX. $1,650; SPLSH. Linda, 1-800-822-2157.


Music: Trying to track down a flute and classical guitar duet anthology that was published in a Zen-on edition in the '70's but the piece I am particularly interested in is a SONATA in D (all four movements) by HANDEL - as TRANSCRIBED BY LOUIS MOYSE. The Zen-on edition may have been pirated so it may have been published by Schirmer or someone else. I don't know if the original piece was in D or not. If you know the whereabouts of this elusive piece, please contact Robert Ross at


** SOLD! (Yay!) **


FOLKERS & POWELL, Grenser baroque flute, #267, boxwood, A=415, Photos available, FN-EX. $1,500. or BO; SPLSH. Suzanne, (310)455-7029, or email:



(2) Baroque Flute: 1987 copy of a Scherer original by Roderick Cameron, ivory, one key, four pieces, silver foot joint, A392 pitch. Unbelievably dark, round, smooth sound. Resonant and easy-playing high F and high A. Great for Bach’s unaccompanied suite. Condition FN-VG: there is a hairline crack, not all the way through the ivory, on the foot joint, which does not affect tone; Price $6,000 US. (SPLSH). No serial number, but maker’s mark on each joint. With Baroque style, stiff-backed tapestry fabric custom carrying case, add $100.
(3)Baroque Flute: 1987 copy of a Bressan original by Roderick Cameron, grenadilla wood with silver fittings on each joint, 4 piece, one key, Pitch: A415. Sound is irresistibly velvety and gentle; plays well in flat keys. Condition FN-EX; Price: $1800 US, BPSI; No serial number, but maker’s mark on each joint. With Baroque-style, stiff backed tapestry custom carrying case, add $120.

For more info - contact: Elissa - via email at or phone: 250 653 4171.


FOLKERS & POWELL copy of A. GRENSER baroque flute, No. 632, grenadilla, silver E-flat key, ivory fittings, tuning joints A415 and A440, telescopic foot register, strong tone, see photo at, FN-EX. $2,900 or BO; SPLSH. Steve, 301-386-2186, or via email:


Watch this space - there's always *something* happening!


POWELL, No. 2080, Handmade Grenadilla Piccolo, Sterling Silver Mechanism, Custom Handmade Grenadilla Headjoint, A=442, completed in 1960, played professionally, FN-VG. $4500.; BPSI. Joy, 915-202-9298 or

POWELL, No. 6931, Handmade grenadilla wood, sterling silver mechanism, A - 440, sold with the original classic style headjoint and Keefe headjoint, recent COA by Jan Kinmonth, excellent articulation, great sound, played professionally, FN-EX. $5,900 or BO; SPLSH. Jeanne 954-240-1924 or email

EMERSON, No.59475, Model EP4, Sterling silver throughout. A440, closed hole, robust tone in all registers, accommodating to play, original owner, well cared for, includes case, case cover, and cleaning rod; recently serviced just to get the mechanism precise (technically called: "level and adjust"), FN-VG. $1,100. or BO; SPLSH. Thomas, phone or text to: 312-550-5783, or email

HAMMIG, No.34290, handmade grenadilla body, cocus wood headjoint, silver plated nickel silver mechanism, split E, Hammig scale, with case, case cover, cleaning rod and silk swab, FN-M. $3,800 or BO; SPLSH. Adrian 503-358-3744 (voice only no text)

ZENTNER, No. 1046, grenadilla wood, original owner, FN-EX. $1,750; SPLSH. Betsy, 734-780-1238 or email -

ZENTNER, No. 1572, grenadilla wood piccolo with silver keys. Only two owners: first, a flutist with the Vermont Symphony Orchestra, purchased it new in late 1980's; second, her student, played it for just two years. Instrument was recently serviced and all pads replaced. It has a lovely warm sound. FN-EX. $1800.00.; SPLSH. Denise, at

YAMAHA, No. 41383, YPC63, grenadilla headjoint and body, FN-VG. $1,500 or BO; SPLSH. Trish, 518-423-7222.

ZENTNER, No. 2914, grenadilla, plated keys, great sound, played professionally, FN-VG. $1,200 or BO; SPLSH. Christina, 770-605-8288.


PEARL, No. 10849, model PFA-206, Sterling Silver, closed hole, A 440, robust tone in all registers, accomodating to play, original owner, well cared for, case, case cover, cleaning rod included. FN-VG. $2,175 or BO; SPLSH. Thomas, via email: - phone: (312) 550-5783

PEARL, No. 10849, model PFA-206, straight headjoint, and solid silver throughout. Recently purchased and well cared for, fine playing condition. Includes case, case cover and swab. Robust warm tone and fluent effortless mechanism - a real joy to play!, FN-EX. $2,100. or BO; BPSI. Thomas, phone or text to: 312-550-5783, or email

YAMAHA Gold Alto Flute, No. 8809, YFL A421 Professional, gold brass alloy headjoint, body and foot, sterling silver lip plate and riser, nickel silver-plated keys, soldered tone holes, with C Foot and straight head joint. New scale, excellent intonation and great response especially in low register, FN-EX - no dents or scratches, plays beautifully! Pictures available. $5,500; SPSI. Stephanie, by email:

EMERSON, EFA2 - No.76287, sterling silver straight head joint, silver plated body and foot. Easy play & nice tone. FN-VG. $1,000; SPLSH. Yukari 917-929-5459 or email:

ALTUS, No. A1182, solid silver, hand cut curved head, silver plated body and foot, pointed key arms, split E, easy to play, FN-EX. $4,800 or BO; SPLSH. Christina, 770-605-8288.


RUDALL CARTE & CO, Ltd, Rare Hand made bass flute in C, No. 8894, made in the early 1960's. Headjoint solid silver,body probably silverplate over silver. The keywork and mechanism are silver plated. Fewer than 50 of these flutes were made. It is a collector item in mint condition – which plays very well. It has the full 3 octave range, but no trill keys. You can see (in pictures available upon request, and a link to them online will be provided below) the little capped piece on the headjoint for the pickup, it is original. You will also notice a dime on one of the keys - it can be removed - it was added to make the instrument more comfortable for my very small hand. It is time for me to let this one go to someone who will play it. I purchased it in 2005 from a studio player who lived in California. It is a mint collector's piece, best offer (its insurance value is $9K). This beautiful "Rolls Royce" of instruments should suit the Rudall Carte enthusiast as well as the rare flute player/ collector and teacher or sessions player. Comes with original hard case and a custom Callavaro cover case with shoulder strap. You won't be sorry - it is an amazing instrument!!! Pictures available at: Connecticut area seller. FN-VG. $5,200; BPSI. Helene, via email: or phone: 860.267.8774

ARTLEY Bass Flute, No. 0461, Silver plated. Pointed key arms. Pinless. Sleek. (Not heavy or clunky like some bass flutes can be). Handmade by T.S. Ogilvie for the Artley Company when they use to make bass flutes. C foot joint. Beautiful, rich sound. FN-VG (Excellent condition, ads show normal wear but are in otherwise fine shape. No dents, minimal scratches from use.) Photos available on request. $3,000.; BPSI from Port Angeles, WA. Patti Monson,


  • All-Year-Round. FLUTEinWIEN - Your Private Masterclass in Vienna, Austria. With ORY SCHNEOR (Principal flutist, Munich Chamber Orchestra, Tongyeong Festival Orchestra, Member of Geneva Camerata) • Extra Long Classes • Daily Warm-up classes • Flexible dates all year-round • 3-6 days custom plan • Free afternoons and evenings in Vienna • For 1 or 2 participants only • A break with home made cake and roasted coffee included --- Learn more about this unique opportunity at
  • For the complete listings - see our online webpage: These listings are free and are updated constantly, so do check back frequently, and plan to participate in these excellent opportunities!



    MARCEL MOYSE SOCIETY - Preserving the legacy of this Artist and Master Teacher. Online: The Recorded Legacy of Marcel Moyse (CD); Other Rare Audio and Video Recordings; Newsletters of the Marcel Moyse Society; DVD of Marcel Moyse in St. Amour with Michel Debost; Marcel Moyse Archives at New York Public Library. Contact for more info: Christine Moulton, via email: - cell phone: 484-553-8975.





    DAVID STRAUBINGER Sterling Silver Flute, #296 made in 2008. Medium .016 body tubing. French open-hole model with soldered tone holes, pinless, 1/2 offset G, C# Trill, B foot joint and gizmo (high C Facilitator key). Straubinger head joint #4108. Pitch = A442. COL completed by Straubinger in February 2016. Condition is FN-EX and current appraisal is $ 13,450.00 . Non-smoking, original owner. New wood case and also includes zippered Jean Cavallero cover. All in excellent condition and it plays like a dream . $10,000.00, negotiable; SPLSH Offer good only in Continental U.S. Dan, via phone 410-551-3835 or e-mail for photos/info.

    EMANUEL, No. 84, 14K rose gold, silver keys, with NAGAHARA 14K gold locking crown (value $1,470), in line G, C# trill key, B foot with gizmo, excellent articulation and sound, recent COA by Jan Kinmonth, played professionally, FN-M, $33,500, SPLSH, Jeanne 954-240-1924 or email

    V.Q. POWELL, #9388, solid silver hand made, .016 wall, modern scale, A442, Soldered tone holes, French cups, split E mechanism, Bft with Gizmo, Straubinger pads, COA done by David Straubinger April 2017, FN-EX no scratches or dents Priced for quick sale $8,000.; SPLSH. Catie, via email or phone 813-389-2297.

    BRANNEN Flute #474, 14k gold with silver keys, in line G, Excellent pedigree. Available with either a 10K or 14K headjoint. Played at the NY Phil for years and before that played by Principal of Utah Symphony for decades. Unusually beautiful sounding Brannen from what many consider to be their golden era. FN-M. $16,500 for the body, $3500 for the 10K head and $6,000 for the 14k head; SPLSH. Helen, via email

    V. Q. POWELL, No. 9388, Hand Made, Solid Sterling Silver .016 Tubing, Open hole French Cups with Strawbinger Pads, Split E mechanism, Bft with gizmo, FN-M (Complete Clean, Oil and Adjustment by David Strawbinger 12/16). $12,000; SPLSH. Catie Brown, 813-389-2297, or email:

    BRANNEN BROTHERS, NO. 2385, all 14K rose gold, in-line G, split E, C# trill, D# roller, A-442, Broegger/Broegger, Bft. Comes with a modern style Brannen head. Built in the early 1990's by the best makers in the business. Overhauled in November 2015 at the factory. FN-M. $50,000.; SPLSH. Linda,

    POWELL, No. 1868, handmade silver, inline G, French open hole, soldered tone holes, C footjoint, traditional pads, dual case, Cavallaro case cover, FN-EX. Engraving on body: "Carol Joan Fogdell, Portland Junior Symphony, 1953-1959." $7,200; SPLSH. Karla Harby, 1-917-365-0876, email:

    HAYNES, No. 45219, Handmade sterling silver, soldered tone holes, inline G, French open hole, C# trill, D# roller, B footjoint, Straubinger pads, built for Hubert Laws, FN-EX. $7,000; SPLSH. Karla Harby, 1-917-365-0876, email:

    POWELL, # 538. Handmade, solid silver, c foot, closed hole, Y arms, off set G, .018 tube, soldered tone holes. Very rare. Extremely resonant, very beautiful sound, dark and velvety. FN-EX. $6500.00; SPLSH. Call David Wechsler (347) 528-6318 or e mail

    POWELL, #9513, Handmade Aurumite flute (rose gold interior/silver exterior) with sterling silver mechanism, A442, French, off-set G, C# trill key, recently overhauled by Rachel Baker at Powell, 14K Brannen headjoint enhances natural warmth and resonance of this beautiful aurumite flute, FN-EX. $11,500.; SPLSH. Naomi, 203-387-8920.

    POWELL, No. 9735, made in 1996, Custom Handmade Sterling Silver Flute, Sterling Silver Mechanism, .018" Tubing, Soldered Tone Holes, A=442, Modern Scale, B Foot w/ Gizmo, Offset G, French Cups, C# Trill, D# Roller, G disc. Handmade Sterling Silver Headjoint, Leather Case and Cavallaro Cover. Played professionally, meticulously maintained by Powell technician Rachael Baker. Photos available upon request. FN-EX. $11,500.;SPLSH. FN-EX. Jason (412) 512-6957 or email:

    BRANNEN-COOPER, No. 4476, 10K Rose Gold body tubing with Sterling Silver Mechanism, French Model, Inline G, A-442, Brogger Mekanik and Acoustic, Split E Mechanism, C# Trill, D# Roller, Bft with gizmo -- with 14K Rose Gold Classic Cooper style headjoint, serial #01191, B case and cover, FN-EX. $23,000.00 (valued at not less than $27,005.00 USD); SPLSH. Todd Skitch by email: or by phone: 901.452.0440

    BRANNEN-COOPER, No. 4403, 0.014 Sterling silver flute, open hole, A=442, inline G, Brogger Mekanik and Brogger Acoustic, B footjoint with gizmo, sterling Modern Cooper style headjoint with 14K gold riser, Brannen leather case with “Brannen Brown” fleece lined cover. Original adult owner, purchased new June 2001. Prefer selling in the New England area. Maintained exclusively by Brannen. FN-VG (no scratches or dents) - Photos available upon request. $10,000.; SPLSH. Susan, by email:, or 781-455-8850.

    ABELL, Serial No. 165, all grenadilla head, body and foot with sterling silver keys, French, offset G, A=442, pinless mechanism, C# trill, D# roller, C foot. This flute is in exceptional playing condition and has been scrupulously maintained by Clifford Tretick. Can be seen on FN-M. $11,000 firm;SPLSH. Email Bill at:

    YAMAHA, No. 4249, 874 flute, handmade solid sterling, soldered tone holes, off set G key, B foot, one owner FN-EX, SPLSH, $4,500. Contact Mary at 502 320-2660 or email

    BRANNEN BROTHERS, No. 872, 0.014 silver flute, Broegger Mekanik, Traditional Acoustic, In-line G, Split E, C# Trill, B Foot, 14K Brannen Modern Head Joint, Brannen brown leather single case and fleece cover. Recent COA. Plays beautifully. Exceptionally well made during Brannen's best years of flute manufacturing. FN-VG. $21,950.; SPLSH, Linda 508-478-3509.

    BRANNEN-COOPER, No. 507, silver body and head joint, A-440, in-line G, B-ft.w/ gizmo, Straubinger pads. Played professionally, original owner. Maintained by former Brannen technician, Clifford Tretick. FN-EX. $11,000 or reasonable offer; SPLSH. Mary, via email: or phone: 570-524-7894.

    POWELL, #5867, silver, handmade, French, B-foot, modern scale, 442, .014, Straubinger pads, offset C finger button added, original headjoint and Drelinger Air Reed headjoint #67. Rich, beautiful sound. Won my job in the Minnesota Orchestra on this special flute. FN-EX. $9,500; SPLSH. Wendy 612-824-7557 or

    POWELL, #410, handmade french, b-foot, c# trill (added by Powell), recently overhauled by Paul Rabinov, COA by Gary Lewis, vibrant, very freeblowing, FN-EX. $11,000; SPLSH. Darin 415-743-8560 or e-mail

    HAYNES, No. 38755, french model, sterling silver, A440, in-line G, soldered tone holes, Bft, original owner, beautiful sound, pristine condition, FN-M. $6,000.;SPLSH. Jeani, 414-232-6616.

    JACK MOORE No. 567, 10k white gold body, silver keys, A=442, half offset G, convertible foot joint, C# trill. Flute Makers of Australia 9K white gold head joint. Original owner, will sell without head joint. FN-EX. $24,000.;SPLSH. Dennette (318)730-1891 or

    OSTON-BRANNEN, #707, .016 all Sterling silver, inline G, A=442, French (open hole), C# trill key, traditional mechanism and acoustic. Brannen style #1 headjoint, case and cover included, Bft with gizmo, FN-EX. $8,500.; BPSI. Nicole, 207-807-6192, or email:

    SANKYO Prima, No. 2984, Hand made, all sterling silver, open hole (inline), soldered tone holes, low B, High E facilitator. Sterling silver headjoint with 14k gold high wave embouchure. New JLS gold pads. Played during my tenure with the Rhode Island Philharmonic. Bft, FN-M. $13,000 firm; SPLSH. John 401-943-8295, or

    MURAMATSU, GX, No. 80069, solid silver head joint and body, silver clad keys, open hole, inline G, Bft. This beautiful instrument needs a loving home. 10 years old. FN-EX; $1,750 or BO; SPLSH. Anne, 504-913-5811 or

    CHRIS ABELL, No. 109, ebony body and head, A440, plateau, offset G, C&B feet, C# trill, split E, FN- EX. $15,000 or BO; SPLSH. Carol, 505-988-4863, or via email:

    YAMAHA, No. 5848, Wood Handmade Flute YFL-874HW, in line G, hand selected Grenadilla wood, sterling silver keys, white gold springs, great projection, Bft, FN-VG. $6000.;SPLSH. James, 212-595-7123 or email -

    BRANNEN, No. 6090, made 4/2007, silver body and head, gold riser, offset G, Bft, like new, gorgeous sound, played professionally, FN-M. $10,500 or BO; SPLSH. Christina, 770-605-8288.

    BRANNEN, No. 2877, rose 14k body, silver tone holes and rings, Mech., a442, C-sharp trill, inline-G, on/off split E, Bft, no gizmo, Met Opera for 2 years, FN-EX. $25,500.; BPSI. Diva, 212-368-7150, email:

    MURAMATSU, No. 23146, French, all silver, inline G keys, Bft, FN-EX. $2,200; SPLSH. Miles, 818-780-7791.

    POWELL, No. 9256, 10k gold body andhead, silver keys, French model, C-sharp trill key, inline, A442, Philharmonic cut head, Bft, FN-EX. $15,000; BPSI. Katie, 651-483-2783,

    YAMAHA, No. 1472, model 881, French, all silver, soldered tone holes, French arms, inline G keys, Bft, FN-EX. $3,350; SPLSH. Miles, 818-780-7791.

    BRANNEN-COOPER, No. 6523, 14k gold body and head with silver mechanism, open keys, in-line G, A442, split-E, FN-M. $23,520; SPLSH. Miles, 818-780-7791.

    POWELL, No. 12679, 14k rose gold body, keys, head (No. 9251), and mechanism, A442, open hole, in-line G, split E, C-sharp trill, Cft, beautiful instrument, three years old, FN-EX. $25,000.; SPLSH. Leslie, 480-924-5820, or email:

    EDWARD ALMEIDA, No. 133, silver, French, soldered tone holes, in-line G, Bft, FN-EX. $3,800; SPLSH. Miles, 818-780-7791.

    POWELL, No. 12363, 19.5K, French, handmade flute with 14K rose gold mechanism, in-line G, A-442, soldered tone holes and traditional mechanism, Boston style head joint made by "Zu", 3 years old, Bft, FN-EX. $35,000; SPLSH. Linda, via email:

    HAYNES PROJECT - An Invitation...

    - All former Haynes Co. employees
    - flute owner with a “one-of-a-kind-Haynes-made” flute
    - flute devotee with company memorabilia, photos, bills of sale, anecdotes, or other pertinent information related to any aspect of this company and its history from 1888 to present.
    Please contact Susan Berdahl – phone: 956-326-2658, or via email:


    The Flutists' Family Tree is a project that traces the lineage, from student to teacher, back through the past 250 years of transverse flute playing. Currently, it links about 1,700 flutists genealogically with their ancestors all the way back through such historical figures as Georges Barrere, Paul Taffanel, Francois Devienne and Michel Blavet. Its aim is to provide connections between musicians, renew relationships between students and teachers, increase awareness of our common history, and provide a starting point for research into the pedagogical traits of important flute teachers.

    This project depends upon the help of the entire flute community, through submission of personal information, private research into the heritage of specific teachers, publicity and funding. It is inclusive of all flutists - regardless of professional musical status or performance ability. Almost 90% of all flutists in the United States today can trace their musical ancestry through William Kincaid - whether they play in the finest orchestras or just started taking lessons!

    To have your information (or that of your teachers and students) included in the Flutists' Family Tree, simply respond with the following information to:

    Flutists' Family Tree,
    c/o Demi Fair,
    808 W. Main St,
    Lansdale, PA 19446
    -- or email: fair.42

    Info to send: Name, birth location and date, education (degree obtained, institution, date), primary teacher (this is the teacher you feel has had the most impact upon your playing), other teachers, and contact e-mail or home address for you. Optional information may include performance organizations and college/public school/private teaching, recordings, or any other biographical data you would like to include. This will, no doubt, be edited for content and space considerations in public displays, but the entirety of the information will be available for the purpose of research. If you have any information about your teachers' teachers as well, this would be extremely helpful.

    Feel free to distribute this invitation to other flutists, and plan to attend the next NFA Convention to view the project!

    In the DOUBLER's CORNER...

    The Doubler's Corner is for listings of instruments other than flutes - any and all kinds of instrumental listings are welcome here. Listings in the Doubler's Corner run at the same rates as our regular listings. This opportunity is provided in recognition of the fact that many flute players are, in fact, multi-talented. (...Flute players also have many friends!)


    LOUIS CARLINI, Flute repairs; piccolo a specialty. Straubinger certified. 32+ years experience. Phone: 201-791-4097; email: and website: (Fair Lawn, NJ.)

    LOPATIN FLUTE COMPANY is now accepting repair work for professional hand-crafted flutes. Please call 828-350-7762 for quotes. Online:

    PAUL RABINOV, FLUTE SERVICES, Expert repair for the accomplishesd player. La Crescenta, CA. Phone: 818-249-1659, or email:

    EUGENE S. GORDON WOODWINDS, 410 S. Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60605. Flute sales and service. Phone: 312-663-0414.

    SYRINX FLUTE REPAIR by Sarah Merrow. Service/repair for fine flutes. Cert. Straubinger, JS Digital; felt pads a specialty. Online: - Phone: 978-771-7945.

    ERIC R. SATTERLEE, WIND INSTRUMENT REPAIR and RESTORATION - piccolo work is a house specialty. Straubinger Certified. Haslett, MI; Phone: 517-339-7333; emails are welcome:

    FLUTE SPECIALISTS, Inc., 606 S Rochester Rd. Clawson, MI 4801 - phone is 248-589-9346 and fax is 248-589-9348. Toll free phone: 888-590-5722. Website:

    DAVID LUSK FLUTES, Professional repair, overhauls; with 30 years experience; Straubinger certified. Phone: 513-576-6224. (Greater Cincinnati).

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